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Federal Center for Technological Education - CEFET- MG

Welcome to Minas Gerais




CEFET-MG is a technological institution that offers a broad range of courses in the State of Minas Gerais, in the southeast of Brazil. With approximately 15,000 students, 650 professors and 400 staff members, the institution carries out teaching associated with research and communitarian extension in the secondary and higher education levels. Its central administration is housed in Belo Horizonte, the county's capital city, where three of its 13 units are based. The majority of students are reunited in this city, and, currently, the several technical courses are offered together with courses at undergraduate level in Administration, Civil Production Engineering, Computer Engineering, Control and Automation Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Automation Engineering, Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Technological Chemistry.


Masters Programmes are offered in Civil Engineering, Energy, Mathematics and Computational Modeling, Technological Education, Electrical Engineering and Language and Technology. CEFET-MG supports around 40 research groups, most of them receiving governmental grants to carry on their research. To fulfill this, CEFET-MG has celebrated cooperation agreements with a meaningful number of high level Brazilian higher education institutions and universities in France, Germany, Hungary, Portugal, among others – Australia, Italy and Spain are in prospection at the moment.

By fulfilling the challenge of offering the workforce needed by industries, besides the development of new products and technology, CEFET-MG accomplishes its main goals  offering technical and technological education, undergraduate and graduate courses, promoting specialization and improvement courses, developing research in both technical and industrial fields, and establishing agreements with both national and international institutions of education as well as enterprises.


A well known educational tradition of almost a hundred years subsides the status of one of the most important centers of excellence in the technological education in Brazil, with great care to guarantee a holistic formation for the students. Therefore, music, choirs, theatrical groups, musical bands, cultural debates, artistic education, music appreciation, several sports teams, research, field exploration, among others, are activities which compose the school curricula, undertaken by our students.

To run CEFET-MG, which is bigger than many towns in Minas Gerais, in number of people involved, there is a board of directors, whose Chairman is currently Prof. Márcio Silva Basílio, ranked General Director. The board of directors is responsible for the areas of teaching (secondary/technical level, undergraduation and post-graduation), planning and managing and communitarian extension. According to the words of its former Vice-Director, Prof. Ms. Maria Inês Gariglio, “as any other living organism, CEFET-MG is built on the dreams, experiences, deeds, projects that are carried out by each one of its members. Stones, concrete walls and yards, empty laboratories and classrooms do not make history nor a better society, but the mankind inside them”.



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