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International Affairs Office

Today's world is marked by constant flows of information, knowledge, investment and consumer goods. Being focused on this dynamics enlarges our possibilities of sucessful insertion in international processes.

We should understand knowledge as something that goes beyond any limits imposed by the Nation- States system and, thus, knowledge sharing can lead to the economical, cultural and social development of the various peoples in the world.

With this view, the International Affairs Office of CEFET-MG (SRI), since its creation in 1996, has aimed at making the educational exchange in the different levels possible, through information sharing and the planing and fulfillment of bilateral cooperation agreements. We have worked towards the gradual expansion of our interinstitutional exchange scope, interacting with private, governmental and non-governmental channels, such as agencies, ministeries, secretaries, consulates and embassies. And, most of the times, we interact with foreign educational institutions that can provide our professionals and students with good opportunities for scientific and technological improvement.

Jerônimo Coura Sobrinho

Secretary of International Affairs Office


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