Week 4 – EMI videos and articles

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Challenges Students Face when Participating in EMI Courses

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Facilitating Student Interaction and Group Work

Note: This video is divided into 2 shorter video segments so that it is more easily accessed, as a smaller file. Be sure to watch both segments.

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Strategies in Action: Facilitating Participation

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Article 1 – Building Participation in EMI Courses

This reading offers easy-to-implement activities that will help your students be more comfortable with participating in class.

Article 2 – Case Study:Structuring Group Work

This reading offers a case study from a Lecturer who uses group work so that stronger students can help weaker students succeed in class.

Article 3 – Responding to Student Questions, Comments, and Office Hour Visits

This reading discusses strategies to try when students answer questions, ask questions, or come to your office hours.

Optional article about group work:

Reconceptualizing Interactional Groups: Grouping Schemes for Maximizing Language Learning (link externo)

This reading discusses strategies on how to form groups and create group projects. It is written for a language learning classroom, which is not specifically EMI, but it still has useful strategies that can be tried in EMI courses.